Aerotropolis Milwaukee

Planning Committee Formed for Land Use Planning around The Airport

Apr 23, 2014

Eight public members of Aerotropolis Milwaukee have signed an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement to have a cooperative process for land use planning and economic development activities in areas around transportation assets and corridors  The municipalities that have signed on are Cudahy, Franklin, Greendale, Greenfield, Milwaukee, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee and St. Francis.

The Aerotropolis MIlwaukee board of directors established a Planning Committee to carry out the requirements of the Agreement itself.  Representatives of SEWRPC and WisDOT will be on that committee, along with other board members and planning professionals from participating communities.

The initial project will in an area surrounding General Mitchell International Airport,  including the Milwaukee Regional Business Park that itself is inside the Airport.  That geographic area lies in parts of Cudahy, Milwaukee, Oak Creek, South Milwaukee and St. Francis that touch the Airport.  We believe that Milwaukee is unique in having five municipalities be touching its main airport.

Each municipality has a comprehensive plan that was developed at different times and by looking only inside its own borders.  Thus development efforts across streets or at intersections with other municipalities were not considered.

Relevant parts of each of these plans will be reviewed and compared.  Then discussions can begin about how to have the most efficient land usage and developments near the Airport, using aerotropolis concepts.  The individual plans may be updated and special zoning approaches may also be considered.

A recent change in State law that will allow TIF (tax incremental financing) districts to cross municipal borders will help make developments easier should they be in more than one city.  That change in the law and the Interlocal Cooperation Agreement facilitate more collaborative and efficient approaches to developments.

It’s good to see people working together and using broader views and approaches.