Aerotropolis Milwaukee


The Federal Reserve ranks Greater Milwaukee as the most productive region in the Midwest and one of the most productive in the country.  And our employees are well-educated, too.  The number of working age residents with high school and college degrees beats national averages and more than 18,000 students graduate from local universities and colleges each year.  The Milwaukee region is uniquely positioned to adept to the global marketplace while remaining a primary economic driver of the midwest.  The Aerotropolis Milwaukee effort is complimentary to a strong regional approach to economic and workforce development that includes a focus on advanced manufacturing, an emerging water-based economy, a food and beverage industry cluster, and a strong knowledge-based economy.  For more information on Milwaukee’s workforce strengths, demographics, and economic characteristics, please visit the Choose Milwaukee website below:


Plus, a location in Aerotropolis Milwaukee will let you tap into one of the region’s largest pools of potential customers.  More than nine million people live and work along the corridor that connects *Chicago and Madison with Milwaukee and 25% of the nation’s population is within a day’s drive.  Our area has shown growth overall in the last decade with some municipal populations jumping by over 20% – and income levels aren’t far behind.


Think a low cost of living and a high quality of life can’t co-exist? Think again.

Our regional cost of living is roughly 11% lower than the national average and affordable housing is a big reason why.

Our communities are home to exceptional libraries adn educational resources, and healthcare is a top priority with both first-rate general care and world-class specialty care and research.

When it comes to fun, our area offers something for everyone. Check out our award-winning network of parks and trails and Lake Michigan’s beaches, parks and marinas. Our nearly unrivaled variety of festivals includes the 11-day musical extravaganza Summerfest, and we offer a wealth of professional and recreational sports, live theater, museums and restaurants.


We have lower than national averages on land and leasing costs, sales taxes and worker’s compensation premiums. Plus, we’re ranked 4th lowest for total taxes paid by corporations, and maintain great services while still being close to average for state and local business taxes.**

Add to that a wide range of state and local business incentives, abundant and affordable utilities-including renewable-and a variety of well-located buildings and sites, and it’s easy to see why Aerotropolis Milwaukee deserves a closer look.