Aerotropolis Milwaukee

Brand reveal: Aerotropolis Milwaukee

Jul 11, 2013

We’ve established “Aerotropolis Milwaukee” as the brand name for our effort and have been making presentations about the concept, its rationale and potential benefits for southeastern Wisconsin. Members of our boards of directors have been educating their contacts as well, there has been more media coverage, elected officials and M7 are talking about it plus the aerotropolis website is now open to the public.

Progress is evidenced by CARW’s members in a recent survey ranking Aerotropolis Milwaukee as #7 on a list of real estate projects that would generate the greatest ROI in the community. Yet Aerotropolis Milwaukee is more of an economic development effort than a real estate one. So the name and effort are becoming known but the concept and its potential needs to be more effectively explained and understood.

For southeastern Wisconsin to be competitive in a global economy, we will need to stimulate many business and public players to see the benefits and agree to significantly change the transportation environment, operations and governance that we currently have. Aerotropolis Milwaukee will be a significant part of the regional economic development plan now being worked on by SEWRPC at M7’s direction.