Aerotropolis Milwaukee


  • The greater good of the Aerotropolis Milwaukee region, its communities, businesses and residents will be best achieved through a collaborative effort aimed at benefiting the region as a whole.
  • Milwaukee County and City governments plus all municipal jurisdictions in the Aerotropolis Milwaukee region will participate in this development initiative and, where appropriate, will designate staff and assist with funding efforts for planning and implementation activities to achieve the goals of Aerotropolis Milwaukee.
  • This initiative will include representatives from General Mitchell International Airport, The Port of Milwaukee, relevant businesses, business associations, civic and labor organizations, local, state and federal government representatives as well as community/neighborhood groups in the Aerotropolis Milwaukee region.
  • Regional and local development will take into account multi-modal transportation access, economic opportunity and aesthetics according to plans developed among the participating parties.
  • All parties engaged in the Aerotropolis Milwaukee program will follow the spirit of these principles and the Vision and Mission Statements.